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Clean Coorg Green Coorg

As part of our corporate responsibility we support Coorg, one of the most serene coffee scapes of India, to be a ‘plastic free’ zone. Madikeri, the capital town of the popular coffee destination was suffering the ravages of tourism and was rapidly deteriorated where garbage disposal was concerned. As part of the ‘Clean Coorg Green Coorg’ campaign we pressurized the local authorities to declare the destination as a ‘no plastic’ region, so travellers are mindful of the environmental hazard that plastic can cause. Ever since, Madikeri has seen much lesser plastic and garbage in the region, making the town shine with its original glory. Apart from this we also started some initiatives for travellers to explore Coorg in a carbon footprint free manner. The cycling tours emerged from this idea.

Why Cycling Tours?
Coorg provides a perfect environment required for cycling – spectacular landscapes, a mixed terrain, good roads and vast opportunities to meet locals in villages while seeing the place slowly. It also helps the locals in small villages by converting their houses into home stays on the itinerary of cycling tour.