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Responsible Tourism & Innovative Tourism

The idea of Cultural tourism, Adventure tourism, Medical Tourism, Spiritual Tourism, Beach tourism and others has gained ground in India. We are focussed on Responsible Tourism & Innovative Tourism to enhance a travel experience, which in turn is likely to have a positive long-term effect on the local communities.

Responsible Tourism
The idea of tourists seeking to get engaged in responsible tourism activities while on the move has shown a tremendous growth in tourism business. Creating an environment for locals helps them to sustain their livelihood. Nothing can beat the satisfaction earned while helping a community. Today’s traveler is more concerned about his society and wants to give back a fair share of his or her earning. This can be done in many ways -from helping the community to building schools, medical centers, extending help to animals or associating with conservation projects – there is something for everyone. More so, there is tremendous learning with this.

Innovative Tourism
Undoubtedly, innovation is one of the longest standing business mantras – a key that unlocks growth. Innovative tourism usually involves a series of small steps that lead to incremental growth, of which the most common outcome is new product development. Embracing this thought, we design our 15-day Rajasthan relief adventure to create meaningful interactions between the travelers and local residents. We organize Medical Camps in the remote villages of Rajasthan, in consultation with the local administrative body. On an average we set up one such camp every alternate day. The information about a forthcoming Medical Camp is given in advance to all the residents of all the villages within a 10 km radius, thereby ensuring maximum participation.