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Birding in North India

12 Nights & 13 Days


Let this trip be a commemoration to India’s acclaim of being one of the richest countries where forts and palaces are concerned. This journey skirts through North Indian heavyweights like Delhi, Rajasthan and Agra that can immerse you in an atmospheric trajectory of once powerful dynasties. Despite thousands of years of existence, in this trip you will encounter a fascinating blend of the ancient and the contemporary -where government buildings, medieval palaces and bazaars are juxtaposed with modern metropolises. Your first gateway into India’s history is the capital itself, New Delhi. From here, we wend our way through to Rajasthan, touching a part of Madhya Pradesh and stopping over last to the elegant Taj Mahal in Agra.

Top Places


India Gate | Humayun’s Tomb | National Chambal Sanctuary | Taj Mahal | Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary | Keoladeo Ghana National Park | Jim Corbett National Park