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Arya Vaidyashala


The hum of the ocean is an ideal aural backdrop to a spa treatment.  It soothes more than just the body – it tunes the rhythm of the soul to your mind, till you feel complete and one with nature. The Carnoustie Ayurveda & Wellness Resort in Mararikulam, off Allapuzha in Kerala, takes the traveller to the edge of the Arabian Sea to harmonize the senses to a blissful state with short and long spa treatments, yoga and modern International therapies. At Carnoustie’s Aryavaidyasala Wellness Spa, prepare to be immersed in a transformative ambience, with the sound of the ocean, a mirror-flat pool in front of your room, sustainability inclined luxury thatched cottages and exquisite customized dining options. The spa experience here is a nuanced blend of traditional and world therapies, but only after you consult with the in-house doctor. Spend several days in the magical landscape of the South Western edge of India along the golden strip of sand in Kerala, to enjoy the majestic beauty of the swaying palms and the luxurious spa retreat.

Why Go

Acupressure, Naturopathy, Prana Mantra Marma, Pranic Healing, Yoga, Meditation, Neuro-Musclo-Skeleton Strength Care, Spine Care, Stress and Weight Management, Panchakarma, Elakizhi, Snehavasti, Shirodhara and Hydrotherapy


The combination of Ayurveda and wellness makes Arya Vaidyashala the perfect place for detox and anti ageing programmes. Aryavaidyasala’s spa platter offers everything for a body in need for rejuvenation - from traditional Ayurveda treatments to natural oil massages, use of warm volcanic stones, Thai stretches are synthesized with reflexology. You also have the option of enrolling into the stress management programme, weight loss schedule, yoga classes, skin care or a detox programme. In the heart of God’s own country, Ayurveda takes focus. Sample age-old rejuvenation therapies to usher your body into the Zen like state. You can choose the traditional Ayurvedic treatments for a taste of ancient wisdom and comprehensive massage techniques or opt for the unique tailor made massages with a contemporary twist that inspire total surrender of the senses.