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Devarana Spa


The perfect place to unplug, Dusit Devarana is the ideal urban luxury resort, wedged right in the heart of Delhi. Despite the great access, the hotel has the ability to transport you to another world, through its well thought out and substantially equipped spa. The spa provides personalized, rejuvenating and indulgent treatments to instill wellbeing. These can be comprehensive long-term treatments or short rejuvenating packages that provide instant invigoration. The products used by the spa are exceptionally natural and high quality to achieve effective and long lasting results. Along with the spa therapies, it is recommended to enrich your experience with the help of Yoga and meditation.

Why Go

A pulsating energy runs in the open-air spa area. It is nothing but intriguing to feel a vibe so crisp, despite being in one of the most busy areas of Delhi. Go here to soothe your senses. Traditional, medical and contemporary casual remedies inspired from India’s traditional practices and modern therapies, form the basis of massages, scrubs and baths. At Devarana, it is all about being one with yourself, drawing inspiration from the elements around you and feeling completely relaxed. Here, you can lose yourself to the luxurious setting and some befitting pampering.


A spectacular palate of salon time, ‘fast beauty’ treatments, Thai, Ayurveda and Shiatsu techniques with Swedish and Aromatherapy massages, along with in-depth Ayurveda programmes, body scrubs, facials and water treatments, usher you into complete relaxation and pampering. Customised service is yet another highlight of the spa experience here. In-house doctors and experts help you to narrow down treatments that are sure to cleanse the mind, body and spirit by helping you tap on your inner vitality. Devarana’s spa is made for enrichment of the soul. It offers to nourish and enhance the mind and body, both.