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Kalari Kovilakom


Kalari Kovalam is another expression of healing. It is the place where the mind, body and soul are tuned together in a wonderful harmony, with the help of ancient spa practices of Kerala. Add to that the ethnic cuisine, warm hospitality and smiling faces and you are sure to be enthralled. You will be able to witness a change in yourself in just a few days after the supervised treatments and therapies. It is prudent to sign up for at least a few weeks to optimise your trip here. The setting is a massive ancient bungalow, restored meticulously and tastefully to keep the charm of traditional Kerala alive.

Why Go

Purify – your mind, body and soul in the legendary land of Ayurveda. At Kalari Kovilakom, it will feel like re-birth. Rooted in strict traditional practices, this is as authentic as it gets. With the treatments, surrender yourself to the benefits of Yoga and meditation. There cannot be a better place, with the sound of the waves in the near distance and a warm tropical breeze that blows to fall into a state of relaxation. Also take some time out to visit the fishing villages to immerse in the local vibe of Kerala.


Long-term healing programmes are structured with the help of Ayurvedic practices for anti ageing, slimming, anti stress and rejuvenation. Cuisine and spiritual practices create an additional balance. If you are looking for deep-seated changes from within, this is the place. At Kalari, you’re closest to the ancient science of Ayurveda and in the hands of experienced therapists. In fact, before you step into any therapy, there is a detailed discussion with the in-house doctor or expert and only then do you embark on a journey of wellness. With Yoga and Ayurveda, the instruments that take you to on this inner voyage, you can understand the needs of your mind, body and soul, and embark on a new and improved way of life.