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Niraamaya Retreat Surya Samudra


A transformative wellness destination at the edge of the Arabian Sea, Niramaya promises to offer an ambience to harmonize the senses. Niramaya is one of the most coveted destinations on the edge of the Arabian Sea where wellness and luxury fuse together to offer the perfect ambience and experience. The retreat offers the stillness and charm of a seaside location with its private beach. Here, you can experience contemporary hospitality that integrates a seamless blend of regional heritage and culture presenting to its guests what is uniquely Niraamaya Experience.

Why Go

Stress management, Yoga, Weight Loss, Ayurveda Skin Care and Detox


Short and long term spa treatments, yoga and modern International therapies are the highlight of Niramaya. Expect traditional Ayurveda treatments, natural oil massages, warm volcanic stones, Thai stretches and reflexology at the spa. But before this, you have to meet with the in-house doctor and experts who help you decide the full course of action during your time here. Specific therapies are then designed according to what you need. For example, if you’re there for only 5 nights, you can choose from a combination of yoga, Abhyangasnana, Ksheerasekam or Udwarthanam, Nasyam and others, depending on what you want the effect as.