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Shreyas Yoga Retreat


The Shreyas wellness experience is unmatchable. A luxury yoga retreat, this is the place where rejuvenation will come easily. Apart from the instructed spa therapies and treatments, there are additional aspects that draw you into the world of holistic healing. Fresh herbs, picked from the property’s own extensive organic garden, are used in all the preparations of food. Purest of spices and organic ingredients are cooked in a full fledged Ayurvedic kitchen, creating simple vegetarian dishes that will delight the senses and heal the body, in tandem with the Yoga practice and any treatment.

Why Go

A secluded haven of tranquility, this is the place to head to, if you want to unplug. Here, you are offered a space for reflection, introspection and an opportunity to nourish your mind, body and soul. It is a perfect combination of luxury pampering as well as a regimented routine geared for holistic healing. It all starts with some time with the in-house expert who assesses your body type and understands your intention, before assigning a combination of nutrition, yoga and therapies for you. At the end of your stay, it will be like you are born again.


With a strong foundation of Yogic practices, the journey to inner peace is accentuated with the help of Ayurvedic massages and beauty treatments. Guests find their time here infinitely valuable. The retreat offers simple but effective Yoga kriyas, that include meditation, Pranayama, deep relaxation and more. All with the help of well-trained experts. Even the rejuvenation spa offers a wide range of Ayurvedic therapies, relaxing massages & organic scrubs and masks freshly prepared from our organic gardens. At Shreyas, you are ensconced in a cocoon that is ideal for self-discovery, by providing a space for reflection & introspection and yogic processes to start healing you.