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Bangladesh – the land with a myth that people spoke the language of birds! Where the rivers and hundreds of estuaries crisscross the landscape giving birth to a unique riverine culture! A relatively unexplored area of the Indian subcontinent, Bangladesh is immensely rich in its geographical and cultural diversity. The lesser-treaded neighbouring nation on the northeast of India, holds a resilient promise of wonders that one wouldn’t expect. Its prime draw lies in the Sunderbans, a haven for the Royal Bengal tiger. Apart from that, a vivid history and a rich repository of nature’s bounty make Bangladesh an undiscovered place that one must discover. Bangladesh Tourism Board’s catch line accurately says – “Life Happens Here”!

Think of Bangladesh as an extension of eastern India, giving it a subtropical monsoon climate characterized by seasonal variations in rainfall, high temperatures and humidity. This also means thick dense forests and plenty of wildlife. For those who like the profusion of green after a heavy downpour, should reserve the monsoon months for their travel. Else, the winter months from October to February are ideal.

Major Cities / Tourist Places


With Dhaka taking the centre stage for all political and administrative activities, other cities in the small country of Bangladesh take the onus of travel oriented exposure to the visitor. For this, Chittagong, Khulna and even Barisal offer their wonderful scapes to explore. Use these as base camps to get around, as the infrastructure is better in major towns rather than small villages. There are eight such division towns in Bangladesh that make for perfect springboards.

Iconic Places


The heady rural sprawl of the country is sure to strike as paradisical – that is what Bangladesh promises. The country is a small one and easy to traverse distance wise. But one encounters a plethora of wondrous sights even in these short distances. Some of the iconic destinations include Kantanagar Temple, swamp safaris in Ratargul, Sunderbans, Kaptai Lake and others.



Amongst the experiences, Bangladesh’s wildlife trips can be counted as some of the best in the world. Tracking tigers in Sundarbans is one of the most intriguing and popular things to do in the country. Add to that the swamp safaris, visit to the largest floating market of the subcontinent or hiking through off the beaten track trails in the lower Himalayas and tea gardens. Turbulent rivers and unending tracts of greenery across the region with small hamlets rising amidst this, offer a multitude of experiences for the traveller.



The multicultural fabric of Bangladesh allows the country to have celebrations from all religious and cultural backgrounds. You will find the same zeal in Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations as in Durga Puja. These are the two main festivals of the country. Apart from this, Buddha Purnima, too is celebrated with enthusiasm. Amongst the more contemporary festivals, the Literature festival, Art Summit, International Photography Festival, International Film Festival and Chhobi Mela have been making waves.

Festival Calendar 2021-2022

Language Movement Day, All Bangladesh (21 February 2021)
Bengali New Year, All Bangladesh (14 April 2021)
Pahela Baishakh, All Bangladesh (14 April 2021)
Durga Puja, All Bangladesh (22 October 2021)
Victory Day, All Bangladesh (16 December 2021)

Top Stays


Your travel experiences are complemented by a variety of suitable stays in Bangladesh. The country offers a plethora of options that are mostly anchored in large cities like Dhaka. Here you will find comfortable heritage themed or modern accommodations to use as a springboard. Memorable trips are those when your favourite moments of comfort, new flavours introduced to your palate and the perfect night’s sleep that you got under the stars, come back to you in a flash. Many of these experiences are anchored on the accommodation. We ensure you get the best in Bangladesh.