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Culture Core

In a land that is both colourful and vibrant there is no shortage of cultural delights. It is reflected in the clothes we wear, the food we eat, the festivals we celebrate and even in how we mourn our dead. In Bhutan they celebrate their victory over the Tibetan forces at the Punakha Drubchen, in India the defeat of the forces of evil are celebrated at Holi and Diwali with an eruption of lights, colour and joyous abandonment.



Jungle Lore

About 23 per cent of India is forested land that includes 442 wildlife sanctuaries and 166 national parks some of which are dedicated tiger parks and bird sanctuaries. Judging by this you can easily imagine the wealth of wildlife nestled away in the entire Indian sub-continent. These areas are a paradise for those looking to be closer to nature and her various wonders.



Explore More

Adventure is not learned, you are born with it and once you get a taste of it you can’t give it up. Let us take you on an adventurous journey that will not only give you a taste but spread out an entire buffet. From the clear waters of the ocean to the powder covered slopes on the mountains, from the dunes in the desert to the windy roads in the Ghats whatever be your poison we have a cup full of it.



Retreats Lore

A getaway isn’t truly one if it does not hold the promise of a transformational escape – whether it is for the mind, body or the soul. The solution lies in slipping into complete harmony with yourself. There is no better way to do that other than a fulfilling spa retreat. It is your chance to discover an unparalleled wellness and beauty experience that leaves you revitalized and rejuvenated.



ah! Luxury

Opulence, indulgence, proliferation ….. Luxury is all this and more. Myriad people attribute a spectrum of connotations and imagery to their perception of luxury. The original land of ‘vasudev kutumbh kambh’, which means ‘the world is one large family’, India, offers the romance and nostalgia of a bygone era in plush and comfortable surroundings through its exhaustive list of destinations and resorts.



Incredible India can give you all that you desire. It is  up to you how you want to experience her.  Our tailor-made extraordinary theme-bases itineraries for special interest tours and incentive travel are an area of specialization.  We take you through forts, palaces, forgotten cities, jungles, museums, exotic settings, exclusive performance and the list is endless…


Tee Traveller

Indo Asia ventured into Golf with the aim to provide impeccable golfing in addition to fine travel experience to golf connoisseurs. Indo Asia Golf division endeavors to design and host custom-made luxury golf trips for individual golfers, groups, business organizations and prestigious golf clubs in India. We take pride in crafting bespoke golf tours at the most coveted golf courses intertwined with stays at distinguished properties while travelling in comfort and luxury.