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Journey on the Ganges

13 Nights & 14 Days


Follow the path of  one the holiest rivers of India, along the eastern states of Bengal and Bihar. One of the most unique journeys, you can trace the footsteps of British invaders and then float into the history of the nation, skipping from ancient towns with diverse social fabric and practices. This is one of the most enriching journeys in India. This itinerary gives you the highlights of the day for the entire stretch of the journey.

Top Places

Kolkata / Board Vivada Cruiser | Kolkata / Barrackpore / Serampore / Chinsura / Bandel | Kalna / Shantipur / Fulia | Mayapur and Matiari | Murshidabad | Jangipur lock / Farakka Barrage / Malda | Rajmahal – Manihari | Bateswarsthan to visit Vikramshila / Kahelgoan | Bhagalpur | Munger | Samaria – Nalanda – Rajgir – Bodh Gaya | Bodh Gaya – Varanasi | Varanasi


Bodhi Tree | Nalanda | Sarnath | Barrackpore | Chandannagore | Kalna | Matiari | Farakka Barrage | Ganga aarti

Kolkata / Board Vivada Cruiser / Day 1

Check in at Vivada jetty, Millennium Park as per convenience. Depending upon the tide the cruiser sails past the Howrah Bridge late evening or early morning next day.
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Kolkata / Barrackpore / Serampore / Chinsura / Bandel / Day 2

The Europe on Ganges: There are 5 European reminiscence within 40 km north of Kolkata and were trading post. The vessel will drop anchor at these places as per the guests’ choice. Visit any two or more. Barrackpore, the British Governors residence, Serampore: the Danish Colony under the name Frederiksnagore from 1755 to 1845 Chandannagore […]
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Kalna / Shantipur / Fulia / Day 3

Kalna – Maharajas of Bardhaman built several magnificent temples with intricate terracotta ornamentation, the main one being 108 Shiv Mandir built in 1809 in traditional chala architecture and the Raj Bari which house most of the temples. Shantipur / Fulia – The weavers of fine Bengal cotton come from here. The village is rich in […]
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Mayapur and Matiari / Day 4

Mayapur and Matiari: These are the headquarters of ISKCON, preaching the power of prayer to attain salvation. Matiari – Kansha (Bell metal wares) was a poor man substitute to the rich silverware used in Bengali homes for prayers, table wares and also for cooking. The traditional Kansari artisans make from scrap metals and are handcrafted […]
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Murshidabad / Day 5

The Nawab Murshid Quli Khan made Murshidabad the capital city of Sube Bangla, comprising of Bengal, Bihar and Orissa. The East India Company reigned from here for many years after the Battle of Plassey. Visit Nizamat Kila, also known as the Hazaarduari Palace built by Duncan McLeod of the Bengal Engineers in 1867, in the […]
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Jangipur lock / Farakka Barrage / Malda / Day 6

Farakka Barrage is the world’s longest Barrage, controlling the sharing of waters between India and Bangladesh. Depending upon the check in time experience the sail through Farakka barrage – the lock gates open between 9am to 11 am with prior permission. The Farakka Barrage is the longest barrage in the world as per the Guinness […]
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Rajmahal – Manihari / Day 7

With strong currents the cruiser slows down to almost half the speed. As we cruise slowly, the beautiful country side of Jharkand and Bihar unfolds – Rajmahal and then to Manihari. Manihari is located on the banks of the holy Ganga River where it meets the Kosi River. Today if time permits the guests can […]
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Bateswarsthan to visit Vikramshila / Kahelgoan / Day 8

After early breakfast disembark at Bateswarsthan to visit Vikramshila. It is built by Bengal King Dharmapala in 8th Century. The Monastery gradually gained importance and became a centre for Tantric Buddhism. Embark at Kahelgoan by forenoon.
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Bhagalpur / Day 9

Bhagalpur: The city of finest raw silk and a historic town of Mughal period. It is believed that the Moghal emperor built a relief camp which his sister Jehanhara looked after and later the area came to be known as Jehanabad. Visit the weaver’s colony and explore the Jain relics in the area.
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Munger / Day 10

Munger Fort is built on a rocky hillock on the south bank of the Ganga River. The fort houses a number of religious and historic monuments such as the Tomb of Pir Shah Nufa (died 1497), Palace of Shah Suja, Tomb of Mulla Muhammad Said (died 1704 AD), the Kashtaharini Ghat on the Ganga River, […]
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Samaria – Nalanda – Rajgir – Bodh Gaya / Day 11

Sail up to Samaria the final port before you disembark by forenoon. Continue drive to Bodh Gaya. On the way visit Nalanda and Rajgir. Nalanda was a great Buddhist centre for more than 1000 years until the monastery, school and library were sacked and burnt by Muslims. The Chinese scholar Huien Tsan stayed here for […]
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Bodh Gaya – Varanasi / Day 12

After breakfast drive to Varanasi. On arrival in Varanasi, transfer to hotel. Situated between the rivers Varuna and Assi as they join the Ganges, Varanasi takes its name from its location. It is often referred to as the oldest living city in the world. It is also known as Kashi, the city of light, but […]
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Varanasi / Day 13 - 14

Today early morning you experience the life of this ancient city. See the beauty of the rising sun on the Ganges Boat Ride. Experience the early morning rituals of the Hindus being performed, thousands of people taking a bath in the holy river believing they will be free from the circle of rebirth. It is […]
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