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Amankora, Thimpu is spread on the upper reaches of the Motithang area with expected lush surroundings. Green rolling farmlands can be spotted as far as your eyes can be seen. Sixteen suites stand like an oasis, sprinkled over the property. The bedroom and lounge area, combined with a wood burning stove makes for one unit, that overlooks a copse of pine trees, a stream or a landscaped courtyard. Dimensions of local architecture are imbedded in the construction, but the amentias in the rooms and nothing short of luxurious. The balconies are a coveted spot in the property, so that one can feel synthesized with nature.

Why Go

Health and happiness is not only about regimented exercise and eating right, it is accentuated by the meeting of the mind, body and soul or just a simple act of feeling refreshed. This happens only when you step out of the hum of daily life and transport yourself to a place where you can achieve inner peace. This is possible at Amamkora in Thimpu, where you can step away from the bustle of the cities and be in tune with yourself and nature. The spa also gives you an option to enjoy the Bhutanese hospitality and inject the trip with a short rejuvenating experience. This is essential after sightseeing and travelling.


It is the spa treatments and the variety of complementing cuisines that truly helps one unwind. The spa has a long list of essential body treatments, easygoing massages and body scrubs. These basic treatments have you refreshed in a matter of minutes. At the spa, specialists take over to offer a perfect environment that ensures that you leave worldly concerns behind as you achieve perfect relaxation. A unique selection of spa and massage experiences blends classic and contemporary techniques to soothe the body, revitalize the skin and uplift the spirit. The spa provides personalized, rejuvenating and indulgent treatments to instill wellbeing. These can be comprehensive long-term treatments or short rejuvenating packages that provide instant invigoration.