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Dwarika Spa


Located in the shadow of the towering Himalayan Range in Nepal, Dwarika’s address is an ideal one for revitalizing the mind, body and soul. The million shades of green, the view of snow-capped mountains in the distance and the rich silence are a treasure. Here, immerse yourself in the alchemy of nature and your senses. The swimming pool and a high-end restaurant overlooking the stacks of mountains, heralds the luxury that is offered at the retreat. Around this, radiates the exemplary accommodation in three categories, a fitness centre, multiple dining options and little pods of comfort in the nooks and corners of the resort.

Why Go

The spa at Dwarika promises an ambience to reward yourself with the pleasure of body scrubs, facials, head and shoulder massages, manicure and pedicure. A sure way to amp up the holiday. Apart from this, the deep-rooted holistic healing inspired by Vedic philosophy and Buddhist Medicine, is the basis of the serious treatments at the Dwarika Spa. This is complemented by contemporary massages wraps and body scrubs as well, which usher you into a state of relaxation. But before ushering you into a program, your appointment with the therapists and consultants is imperative. Only after this is done, is when they thoughtfully design a schedule to heal, restore and rejuvenate your health.


While Panchakarma implications involve a more robust set of treatments, the De-stress package welcomes you to a world of herbs, aromas, oils and massages. Add to these, the ways to pamper yourself and you are in for a refreshing time. Even within this, you can customize as per taste. Only pure herbs, aromatherapy oils and all-natural creams are used. Our rapid lives come to a halt with the paced out Yoga Retreat, so you can stop, calm down and channelize the energy in a positive direction. The yoga practitioners have years of experience under their belt, and are able to plan out an ideal programme for you.