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Oberoi Wildflower Hall


Stunning views of the rolling hills and the crisp mountain air amplifies a spa getaway with its cathartic value. The dreamy setting on top of a lush hill transports you into a haven of tranquility. It feels like you’re relaxing in your own home. Nestled on the natural slope of the lower Himalayan hills, cottages and rooms exude luxury with their modern fittings and contemporary ambience. Overlooking the rolling hills, the minimalistic décor merges well with the environment. But it is the award winning spa that you should not avert your eyes in any other direction but the treatment rooms.

Why Go

Bespoke locations in different parts of the hotel and your room add to the soothing massages, facials and scrubs offered. Indigenous and modern therapies from the world are focussed around rejuvenation. The therapies offer an illuminating experience. In this, a holistic wellness programme through Yoga sessions, spa therapies and nutritious cuisine makes one feel lighter, with amplified energy levels and improved harmony with self. The spa sojourns invite you to a world of restorative beauty treatments with a view of stunning locales. This is ideal for those looking for a casual rejuvenating experience.


The resort offers signature indigenous rituals based on 5000 year-old tenets of Ayurvedic philosophy as well as modern therapies. The idea is to energize and invigorate. Shirodhara is one of the most popular treatments that are on offer. Apart from that, the light, medium or deep pressure massages in rhythm are the most coveted. With this vast array of treatments to choose from, it is easy to drift away on this quest for serene solitude. Inner guidance, pampering and rejuvenation are the hidden plan for your body. You come back only refreshed and renewed, ready to take on the world.