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Sereno Spa


Nestled in the secret sandy hideout of Arossim Beach, Park Hyatt’s Sereno Spa amps up a holiday by offering absolute relaxation and ultimate rejuvenation. Ensconced in luxury and a restful ambience, one cannot help but feel refreshed and also encounter spiritual gratification.  Goa has a special charm that makes you relaxed instantly. Add to that the Sereno Spa magic of complete rejuvenation and your trip will be complete. Not only are modern healing practices the highlight here, they also offer the best of traditional Ayurveda.

Why Go

The Marine Experience, Sarvanga Vashpa Sweden Yantra - The Steam Bath and Tropical Escape


This is the best place to pamper yourself with easy massages, facials and body scrubs. Apart from the Signature Sereno Spa Experience of extensive marine ritual, the spa also offers an expansive list of treatments that relax, rejuvenate, energize, hydrate or detoxify. Of the many packages that are offered to guests, the Marine experience is the most popular one. It is designed to tone the body and mind, using seaweed and mineral-based luxury products to balance the skin of the face and body. You can also sign up for a casual romantic couple’s spa day. Other packages like Sweden Yantra, Purush and Wellness at the Park add to the menu to choose from.