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Siddhalepa Ayurveda Resort


Reward yourself with the stunning views and background score of the Indian Ocean at the Wadduwa beach. A cleansing of the body and soul ensues in this Ayurveda Health Resort with green vistas of woodland and meadows. Here, you can get the perfect mix of wellness and serenity. Immersion in Ayurveda, Yoga and ancient healing practices are nothing short of paradisiacal. This is even better when one is wedged at the fringes of a blue ocean – a perfect complementing landscape for a day at the spa.

Why Go

Piccichil, Netra Basti and Shirodara


The Ayur Centre first studies the balance of your body, implementing the principles of Prakruthi, (innermost nature of an individual) and only then the guest is ushered in the world of Panchakarma or therapies like Piccichil, Netra Basti, Shirodara and more. The packages are largely serious ones and you should spend at least fourteen days for them to take effect. Casual rejuvenation packages are also available.