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The wellness resort ushers you into its warm folds of hospitality, with ease. The local vibe of the hotel mingles seamlessly with modern amenities, to offer you an ideal haven to unwind. Spectacular rooms with a decided natural appeal are the epitome of space, luxury and comfort, all rolled into one. The dwellings in SwaSwara comprise of stone villas. The earthy simplicity of the grass lawns in front, a yoga deck in each room and brick columns are the largest draw. From subtle comforts to more noticeable ones like soft bath towels and exclusive toiletries, one cannot help but be mesmerized at the level of detailing that meets you.

Why Go

Along with pampering yourself with basic massages body scrubs, mani-pedi routines, also indulge in the customized Ayurveda treatments, Yoga and meditation. All these with the suitable cuisine is the essence of the retreat. Not only does the essence of wellness run in the spa alone, it permeates through each moment of your stay at SwaSwara, Gokarna. The spa at Swasara redefines wellness. It is a sensory journey for refreshing yourself as well as a voyage into your inner self. From fun to meticulously prepared customized therapies are enhanced with organic ingredients to enrich your spa experience.


In order to recoup, revive and rekindle the body and mind, there are a number of therapies on the menu or basic tips and plans for quick pampering. The serious wellness programmes are divided into three parts; Shanti (for Yogis), Prana (special Ayurvedic treatments) and Swastha (detox). Food is an essential element that binds the process of rejuvenation together. Vegetarian fare, raw food and juices make for the backbone of the nourishment at SwaSwara. SwaSwara holds sway for offering the best of Indian practices. When these meaningful spa treatments synchronize with impeccable hospitality and tryst with cultural nuances of Gokarna, it only helps to unlock your energy reserves.