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Uma by Como


The intimate property in Paro, nestled between the mountains and mist, makes you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a secret. It is geared to offering radiance to the mind, body and soul and feel a surge of youthfulness. After all, the cool and clear mountain air holds the wonders of health. No wonder, the location is the top draw card of the Uma by Como property in Paro. It is delightfully away from the touristy din and yet strikingly close to the sights that one must visit. Plus, it has a spa that is designed to restore or affirm a harmony between your mind, body and soul.

Why Go

An enviable location and the exclusive offering of brilliant spa facilities to a handful of guests at a time is the resort’s signature style of providing an iconic experience. The calming spirit of the mountains is the inspiration for the spa that offers a robust list of therapies and treatments to lull you into a state of bliss. Bhutanese hot stone bathhouses, a sprawling indoor pool with alfresco sundeck to let the soft rays caress you, steam, a gym and yoga studio and excellent views are offered. With a setting like this, it is easy for guests to slip into calmness anyway.


A long list of Asian inspired treatments, including Ayurveda also boasts of hot stone bath houses, steam room, yoga decks and alfresco swimming pool pavilions for the guests to relax in. Add to that, there are basic massages and treatments to help you feel divine. The treatments at Uma by Como are designed for the fatigued traveller as well as someone who wants to indulge in the traditional techniques of the Orient at leisure. The spa resort offers massage therapies, facial care as well as body care to the guests. Add to that, yoga, meditation and correct food and it’s a strong bid towards complete wellness.