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Dear Cris and Amit

Our Client Donadio x 1 send us his feedback about the trip. And he just loved!!!

He told us that all the hotel was excellent and he really enjoyed! He also asks to thanks his guide from Agra, Delhi, Khajuraho and varanasi and his driver “Vijay Tawar” and praised their services.

PISA, Trekking
Dear Mr. Amit,  
Our group is back in Germany and all the guests are very happy about this tour! Wolfgang, our tour leader, said, that all was perfect. The hotels, the program and your tour guide SANJAY !!!! SANJAY – ever the best guide!!!!!
M-tours Live Reisen GmbH
Dear Indo-Asia-Team, Thanks for taking care of the organization and arrangements for our India tour from Delhi via Jaipur and Agra to Varanasi, which we booked through Gebeco. It was really a nice journey that we enjoyed very much. There was so much to see, experience and learn. We would also like to thank your Driver Vijay Talwar. We always felt safe when we were driving on crowded roads, inside and outside of cities.  We were amazed of how Vijay always knew the way to all the places without any SatNav and - most important - without getting lost! We really enjoyed the days when he was our driver and we would love to have him drive us again as soon as we come to India again.
Sandra & Sebastian Jaeger
Hello Elesh and Monique, I'm back from the safari.  Elesh, I would like to say that i'm really happy with the way everything was organised. Perfect hotels, drivers and co-drivers were co-opperative and helpfull and spoke good English. Thanks for the quick reply you gave to me every time I was asking for something. I will inform Monique about tips and tricks for next trips.  Elesh, I hope to work with you again in the near future.
Hi Vinay, Looks like Vikas was absolutely fabulous with the group. I thank you very much for that. We have received two trip evaluations back so far, and they were all very positive. The special gala night – what was that about? Sounds wonderful. Please thank everyone involved in planning this and Mr. Vikas especially for taking such good care of my clients.
Roe Gruber, Escapes Unlimited
Dear Shailesh, The Siefert-Grp is back home and after a long call with Mrs Siefert she told me that everything WAS FINE and the group members are more then happy! Thanks for your very good service and for Mr Vikas Metha as the guide for the tour. He did a very good job!!!! Wish to do more groups to India with you in future times to make lots of guests happy as the guests of the Siefert-Grp.
Matthias Magnor, Oasis Gmbh
Dear Amit, Cl. Schumacher just gave us feedback! They were totally happy with the tour. Everything went well! Perfectly organised. Driver Bastiram was absolutely great, they loved him. He cared so well! Guide Lalit in Jaisalmer and Lalit in Udaipur were great as well.
Maja Weiss, Insight Reisen
Hello Elesh, With this mail I would like to thank you all for your help and good work to make the DEBE 2504 trip a successful tour. It must have been a lot of work and effort for you to arrange all the solutions. I have to say that in the end the amended tour was all well arranged. And all worked out very well. The group members also deserve a compliment because they were all the time positive and patient. In their name another THANK YOU. We enjoyed the tour and we enjoyed to be in India and China and meet all these nice people.
Wim Struijk
Dear IAT Team, Thank you for the honour and privilege of travelling with your company on the Navratri Tour. It was an experience that will live with me forever in many ways. I will definitely love to visit again someday and spend some time mingling with the local people, enjoying the delicious food at leisure and doing some shopping. You have excellent people who deserve to be mentioned for their dedication, efficiency and knowledge.
Thunai Reddy, Sanmor Travel
South Africa
Dear Mr. Deepak Sadotra, I wanted to thank for the great support and effort of Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty. He made my parents really happy. During the trip of my parents in India organized by your organization they fell in love with a painting. However, they didn’t buy it. After their return I contacted your organization and asked whether it was possible to buy it and send it to Germany. Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty replied and made the impossible possible considering the fact that they couldn’t remember for sure where they saw the painting. Now my parents tell all their friends and family about the great support of your organization and particularly of Mr. Bhaskar Chakraborty.
Markus Seufert
Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, This tour was just perfect!!! Well planned with selected good hotels and a guide who made our trip unforgettable. Mr. Vikas Mehta did a great job and was VERY helpful. Also the bus crew was a pleasing experience. Result/respond in the group is so good, that already by now memers of the group asked me to organise a further trip - may be next February. Isn't this the best available feedback for a travel agency?
Bernd Becker, cold/snowy
Dear Amit, The group was absolutely happy with the tour - I got very good feedback from Mr Jankus & Mr Sypplie (they especially complimented Indo Asia Tours for their good help with their flight problem! :)) and from the couple Lochbaum.
Johanna, a&e erlebnis:reisen
Dear Shailesh, The group is back and we already received many very positive comments about the trip. Our Tourleader Mrs Reichen also did send me a full report and everything was just great, the whole itinerary, Hotels, transportation, meals and again with the excellent guide Mr Ranveer aswell as the driver and his assistance. I would like to thank you for your excellent job and assistance you have done for us and the group. It was indeed a great pleasure for me to organize this trip through you and your organization – well done!
Louis Noth, SERVRAIL GmbH
Hi Vinay, I have spoken to Chris who had a fantastic experience. I am waiting on the feedback forms but Chris informed me that all of the pax thought that Vikas was the best tour leader they had ever had on any tour in the world. Great work!!
Stuart Lyall, Travelmarvel
Dear All, I just received following feedback from Mr. Mayer regarding John Deere Group. I am so glad that the clients are totally happy with every detail of the tour. In between we had a hard time with this tour, but thanks to all our efforts it turned out to be a big success!!
Alois Mayer, M-Gruppenreisen