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India’s vast landscape of hospitality offers unique and impressive accommodations in various budgets. These could be heritage bungalows, homes tucked away in tea plantations, villas by the beach or in-city starred hotels for your comfort. The experience of India and the surrounding nations is amplified with a host of spectacular stays that we have handpicked for you.

Your accommodation during travel is one of the key features that embellishes the entire trip. Try the heritage ‘havelis’of Rajasthan, homestays tucked away in the heart of mountains and luxury beach villas to add to the journey. If you’re staying at a home-run accommodation, you will find excellent company in the hosts. We also collaborate with scores of high end hotels that promise a range of amenities and facilities to choose from. You can expect a range of cuisines by top chefs of the world, soothing spa facilities and other facilities like a swimming pool, jogging track, yoga pavillions and much more, apart from the luxurious rooms.

Our team ensures that an array of options is available for you to choose from. With our longstanding relationships with hotels and a personal brand across the country, even peak seasons are managed with ease. Constant feedback from our partners helps in identifying and resolving problems if any, and creating a firmer tie-up in the best properties of India. This means that you can be rest assured that all of your trip needs to do with accommodation bookings, special requests and changes can be handled with ease, with partners who an extension of us. Long standing relationships for decades and a credible face for new hotels, our partners share the same work ethos as us.



With facilities, amenities and elite ambience unbound, luxury stays of India are created to pamper you with the quintessential Indian hospitality. Think multiple dining options, rooms and amenities like swimming pool, spa, gym and more. Several luxury properties find an address in the key sightseeing sectors of India and the surrounding nations. When travelling from part to other, you are never too far from a luxury property that offers just the kind of experience that you are looking for.



A handpicked portfolio of well curated hotels that have few rooms, but wow the travellers with their chic themes, personalized service and superior quality of amenities, have been specially chosen by the team for you. The boutique properties of India can be found from the largest of cities to towns tucked away in a rural area. Given your interest in staying in this kind of an accommodation, we are sure to find you the most suitable and immersive stay. Largley home-styled, this accommodation is the most atmospheric and intimate for travellers.



Home to a large number of palaces, forts and old bungalows, the ‘heritage’ themed hotels are able to transport travellers to thousands of years in the glorious past. Think of yourself as nothing less than Kings and Queens while staying at a heritage property. Most of these properties are steeped in history, possibly, even owned by royal families. Listening to the stories that surround them is an added experience – one that you would never get in a hotel.



Be one with nature in the camp settings, both luxurious and basic. These hold the promise of stunning views, fresh air and an adventurous tinge to a holiday. Expect to stay at the edge of a river or in the thick of a dense forest, but not too far from luxury. Swiss tents are the most popular amongst camp settings. These are well equipped and emulate the amenities of any high-end room of a hotel. Being close to nature while being tucked in luxury is an experience you will never forget.



Lodges allow the traveller to optimize the budget and yet stay in the comfort of a well-equipped hotel with ample amenities and facilities. Think all suitable amenities at hand and no dent to your pocket. The Indian Subcontinent scape is filled with many such options. Our team personally curates a list that is best suited for geographies and travellers to plug them in your itinerary.



Feel at home with the warm hospitality as well as ample personal space in actual homes of locals. There is no better way to be oriented to a destination, than to stay in a homestay. A dimension of homestays is sure to amp up your travel many folds. You can expect a great orientation in the local way of life, staying at a homestay. This is also the best place to taste local food from homes.



River cruises are a unique way of seeing India. These could be luxury yachts or even the floating houseboats that glide through reflective backwaters and lakes. Cruise on these architectural marvels for complete relaxation. You will be surprised at the workings of long stay cruises, where you can get excellent comfort and style in the form of luxury rooms as well as amenities like a swimming pool. A complete running kitchen is also available.

Luxury Trains


Spanning a specific region of the country, the luxury trains create the experience of extravagance, but on wheels. This is a spectacular way of seeing India’s destinations at close quarters and be immersed in some ‘out of this world’ pampering. You will find comfortable pods to sleep at night, world cuisines by expert chefs in the dining areas and knowledgable guides to accompany you, as you hop off and on the train from one destination to the other.