India has been a coveted destination for nuptials for people around the world for the last many years. It’s grand forts & palaces, serene beaches and gorgeous heritage hotels make a stunning background for weddings. Add to that, the variety of cuisine, traditional dances and cultural infusions of mehndi and sangeet, and this is one of the most romantic places to tie the knot. More and more couples are choosing to look at India as the place where they want to spend their honeymoon too. While Rajasthan, Kerala and Goa might be done to death, we urge you to whet your relationship right away, with these off beat ideas for a honeymoon. If you last, this will last a lifetime.

Diving in the Andamans – Even if one of you is a water baby, this trip promises romance with a substantial dose of under water adventure. This is going to be one torrid affair with the clear blue water of the Bay of Bengal and the warm balmy beachside ambience of the sands. While this is perfect for a honeymoon mood, it’s the diving that is going to bring you really close. Watching otherworldly creatures in their underwater environment is one of the most exhilarating experiences here. One cannot imagine the host of colours, shapes and sizes that one is introduced to. This one is sure to be etched in your memory for long, so what better time to peg your honeymoon to it.

Wild ways of Yala National Park – While Yala might be known for it’s wild beasts and the rough and tumble of the jungle, it’s the serenity of the forests that makes for an ideal background for a connection for the newly weds. Add to that, Yala also has some of the most tastefully furnished jungle resorts that imbibe aesthetics from the jungle and yet keep the ambience classy. Here, you can take a number of safaris into the jungle and come back to the warm glow of bonfires and cosy superior tents.

Road tripping in Karnataka –If wheels are your common love, then both of you will enjoy a spin around one of the greenest states of India, Karnataka. Try the lesser-known route of along the Arabian Sea, detouring inland to see ancient temples, thick copses of trees and a rugged coastline that is raw and relentless. Here, rustic fishing villages become the backdrop to a romance that may be well rooted in the love for offbeat travel in India. You can take a break n the coffee plantations by veering eastwards, to take a break and relax in the cool environs.

Sikkim’s inimitable experiences – Sikkim is simply spellbinding. Imagine being cut off from phones, Internet and the daily thrum of city life to arrive in a cathartic destination that promises rejuvenation. You might need this after the wedding parties. Here you can pack your itinerary with things to see, but we suggest that you take it slow and float through the pace that Sikkim defines for you. Expect scenic cottages, stunning views and a copious dose of warm chai to keep you going. The tranquil monasteries of Sikkim are bound to put you in a good mood.

Hiking in Bhutan – Whether you’re looking for easy hikes or grueling treks, Bhutan is just the destination. While honeymooners may not glance in the direction of this destination, we think it makes for an ideal romantic getaway. Especially if you sign up for the Tiger Monastery trek. While it is steep and slightly challenge, one you reach there, it awards stunning views of the valley below. What’s more? You can come back to one of the many high-end resorts and feel refreshed with a spa session.

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