If you’re a certified hill-lover and want to whet your mountain climbing skills, India is one of the best places to do so. Summer is especially great for hikes, longer treks and expeditions where one can beat the blistering heat of the plains and enjoy stunning vistas from atop peaks. A number of adventure travel outfits are present to book for guided tours with experienced instructors, porters and all arrangements of boarding and lodging.

Here are some of the top five treks that have the ability to make for life-changing experiences

Sandakphu – Phalut Trek

Sandakphu, being the highest peak in West Bengal offers unparalleled views of the earth’s tallest peaks. The trek is moderate in difficulty and should be done by reasonably fit people. From here, the view of Lhotse and Makalu, the fourth and fifth highest peaks in the world is only trumped by the Everest that stands in between them. The highlight is the sunrise when the first rays of the sun light up the peaks.

Great Lakes of Kashmir

This trek is one of the most popular treks in India, ideal to ring in the summer months with a hike across seven glacial lakes of the region. Accompanying you, are the lush green hills, clear blur skies and a copious dose of crisp clear air loaded rejuvenating powers. This is an arduous trek that requires some prior experience.

Valley of Flowers

End of summer is the ideal time to visit Valley of Flowers, when occasional showers wash the dusty plains and give a refreshing tinge to the region. Meadows are carpeted with bright flowers and the Alaknanda Valley erupts into a riot of colours. This is an ideal family trek as the terrain is easy to negotiate and there are ample stops in the middle. Camping in the middle of the meadows is an unforgettable experience.

Hampta Pass

Hampta Pass is one of those treks that take you through an array of topographies and vistas. One encounters lush green valleys of Kullu and the cold desert region of Lahaul. From the pass, you can see the dramatic Lahaul valley stretch to the horizon. Wildflower meadows, shepherds grazing their cattle and the emptiness of the stark Lahaul region are the highlights of this region.


The Roopkund encompasses many landscapes; dense forests, gurgling streams, carpets of meadows and walking through snow. Over 5 days, one climbs from 8000 ft to 16,000 ft. The alpine areas are a balm to the eyes as one witnesses a thousand shades of green. There is abundant adventure in negotiating the snow and finally the breathtaking sight of Mt Trishul as you climb higher.

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