India is home to over 1.3 billion people and it is natural to go somewhere where you’re not surrounded by people all the time. Luckily, India is also home to several such places that provide you the much-needed break from the cacophony of a metropolis. A place close to everyone’s heart is Ladakh. Yes, after the blockbuster Bollywood film 3 Idiots shot some scenes there, Ladakh has seen an increased footfall, but there are still several places in the region that offer you serenity. Ladakh is undoubtedly the place you should visit to unwind after the umpteen touristy sights you see in India.

Things to do in Ladakh

1. Sate the inner adventurer at Zanskar Valley

If you visit in the summer, you can indulge in rafting on the Zanskar River and go through high rapids and swift descents. But don’t worry if winter coincides with your trip as you can trek across the frozen river, known as the Chadar Trek and also one of the most arduous treks in India.

2. Walk on the moon

Well, not literally but Ladakh offers you the second-best option. Lamayuru, a village near the Leh-Srinagar highway, has similar topography as the moon. It is also very quaint. Don’t forget to stop at this village and take some pictures as it also provides a scenic view of the valley.

3. Camp in the lap of nature

Uleytokpo is a camping ground on the banks of the oldest river in India from which the country derives its name — the Indus. You can live in tents or rent a cottage and enjoy the peace and quiet Uleytokpo offers, all the while having the river serenade you with its sound.

4. Embrace spirituality at numerous monasteries

Ladakh is dotted with Buddhist monasteries. Not only are these breathtakingly beautiful but also lets you leave the material world behind and embrace spirituality. You can visit any monastery in the region and the monks would be happy to trade stories with you and help you gain insight about the culture and the religion.

5. Melt your worries in a hot spring

The hot springs of Chumathang offers you the warm embrace of a worry-free dip. Soak in these natural hot sulphur springs and feel all your worries drifting away. It’s especially helpful after you have just finished a hard trek.

6. Marvel at the milky way

With ample campsites in the region, you can spend a night under the stars. Just bring a tent and enjoy as the stars light up the valley. Astronomy lovers can also carry telescopes and make the most out of the trip.

7. Experience an idyllic lifestyle in Nubra Valley

The Siachen glacier is probably the world’s highest battlefield. While civilians aren’t allowed there, you can marvel at it from afar while being comfortable in an idyllic village. Panamik is the last village accessible by tourists. Ride a Bactrian camel or enjoy butter tea with the locals, you can choose how to spend your time in this quaint village. The village also boasts of hot springs that have medicinal properties. True or not, at least you can relieve your stress in these.

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