Delhi is a melting pot of religion, communities and cultures. So, it’s natural for it to offer a myriad of food choices. But for those visiting Delhi for the first time, it becomes a difficult task choosing what to eat, or even where to start. Almost everyone you meet in Delhi is a self-proclaimed foodie. So here’s our take on your gastronomically-enhanced Delhi trip.

Best Food Street in Delhi-

1. Relive (retaste) history at Old Delhi
Be it the savoury chaats or the kebabs, Old Delhi offers a variety of foods that would provide an immensely enjoyable experience for your palate. If you’re in the mood of pranthas or kebabs that melt in your mouth or even a shahi tukda, a dessert that’s fit for royals, Old Delhi is the place to be.

2. Thalis at bhavans
Delhi being the capital of the country has various canteens that serve food from respective states. Not only are the canteens cheaper than most, but they also serve lip-smacking meals. Head to Andhra Bhavan for their delicious chicken fry or Goa Sadan for their mouth-watering seafood.

3. Go ga-ga over chhole
Chhole Bhature/Puri is a dish that North Indians rejoice over. So, it’s easily available at every corner. But in order to have the best, you need to travel to University of Delhi’s North Campus. In an alley-way establishment, Bille di Hatti serves you the best Delhi has to offer in terms of chhole or chickpea. Down the heavy food with some sweetened lassi and your day is made.

4. Authentic Parsi food at Rustom’s
India has a sizeable Zoroastrian population in Mumbai, known for their mouth-watering delicacies. But you don’t have to fly to Mumbai to experience that. Rustom’s, a quaint Parsi restaurant that serves home-style cuisine, will cater to your needs. From kheema pattice to dhansak, the restaurant has it all. Don’t forget to give their salli boti a try and leave some room for caramel custard.

5. Ridiculously soft appams at Café Lota
If you don’t know about it, you can easily miss Café Lota. Tucked inside the National Crafts Museum, the café serves you food from across the country. From vegetable stew from the south to makki ki roti from the north, the café lives up to your expectations. The apple jalebi and sabudana popcorn are to die for, while the bhappa doi cheesecake puts a nice spin on the Bengali dessert. But make sure to go on a weekday as the place is packed on the weekends.

6. Bihari food with more chutzpah
Potbelly is an eatery that provides authentic Bihari cuisine that leaves you wanting more. Be it their ‘phataka French fires’ or the more traditional litti chokha, the place takes you on a journey that satiates all your senses

The list concretes the fact that Delhi has a diverse and rich culture. One can truly experience difference facets of India in the national capital. And, if you are bored of Indian cuisine, Delhi also offers a range of Oriental and Continental eating options.

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