What’s rare to see in the sprawling streets of the city, lies in abundance in rural corners of the country! India is weaved with culture and history, where tradition and art are celebrated in its true glory. Though India is now modern, urban and chaotic, but the country’s roots are defined by its tribal culture. Let’s discover the wondrous tribes of India, their captivating cultures, traditions, and vivid costumes. Indian tribal culture is rich in many aspects.

So, let’s take a peek into India’s culture through these tribes –

Northeast India

Inhabited with numerous tribes, Northeast India is dipped in the traditions and cultures of India. Northeast India is one of the most unexplored regions of the country and therefore, it will be a delight to explore the tribal villages, rich culture, ancient traditions and lifestyle. The Khasi Tribe of Meghalaya gets its name from their language. With a different social and cultural identity, the Khasi tribe strongly believe in educating their girls. The Khasis take the identity of their mother, (and not their father) and the mother inherits the children and property. With more than 16 tribes, Nagaland will engage you with its mysterious tribal village life. If you want to experience the best of it, the Hornbill Festival by Angami Naga tribes is a must-see. Arunachal Pradesh, with tribes such as the Apatanis from Ziro, is one of the favourite travel destinations for tribal tours in India.


Odisha is home to over 60 tribal groups, the largest in India. Dwell into Odisha’s ancient mystical ways through its ancient tribes. The lives of tribes in India are closely tied to nature and Kondh Tribe of Odisha defines a beautiful relationship between men and nature with its tradition that believes in worshipping of hills, nature and streams. One of the largest tribes in Odisha, Kondh Tribe is known for their immense knowledge of mountains, plants and trees. Fond of beautiful ornaments, you will find the Kondh tribe women wearing stunning jewellery made of bronze, shell, nickel, gold, brass, steel or colourful thread.

Rajasthan and Gujarat

Bishnoi tribe of Rajasthan is also spread across parts of Punjab, Haryana and Madhya Pradesh. They are often called as the Tree Huggers, for their belief that nature is their only religion, propounded by sage Jambeshwar who founded the Bishnoi sect in 1485 after a drought that devastated the Marwar region of Rajasthan. In the Banni area of Kutch in Gujarat, Meghwal tribe is renowned for their sense of traditional art. Exotic and jazzy costumes with colourful threads and exquisite patterns paired with jewellery, detailed intricate embroidery, and the beautiful Banni mud huts built by Meghwal tribe will leave you in awe.

These tribes represent the Indian Tribal culture as its best. These states are regarded as some of the perfect places to discover the Famous Tribes of India. The best thing to do would be to take a tribal tour and visit the secret corners of the country where the tribal still conserve their intriguing traditions.

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