The elegant ruins of Hampi will leave you bewitched the moment you lay your eyes on it. With an unearthly landscape of beautiful stones and boulders, intriguing history and ancient ruins of temples and palaces with fine architecture and lush paddy fields, Hampi is a truly a wonderland! Often called “A Forgotten Empire”, “The City of Ruins”, Hampi, a small town in Vijayanagar, is a place where time stands still.

The historical significance and the majestic sights of the town make it a perfect place to indulge in the glorious cultural past of Hampi.

Here’s a list of things to do in Hampi to make your experience a memorable one!

Get mesmerized by the sunrise vistas from Matanga Hill

See the first light of the day brightening up the beautiful city Hampi! An experience in itself, climb up the Matanga Hill and soak up the panoramic vistas of elegant rocks scattered around the paddy fields, banana plantation and coconut trees. The surreal view will simply leave you in awe.

Visit Sacred Virupaksha Temple

One of the oldest functioning temples in India dedicated to Lord Shiva, Virupaksha Temple is a sight to hold. A main centre of pilgrimage, the temple has prominent religious importance and is visited by thousands of pilgrims across India.

Head to Daroji Bear Sanctuary

Home to Indian Sloth Bears, head to Hampi’s wild side. You will also find Wild Boars, Hyenas, Leopards, and Porcupines and many different species of birds and over 20 species of butterflies here.

Admire Vitthala Temple’s beauty

Embrace the fine architecture of the Vitthala Temple! Dedicated to Lord Vishnu, the temple is renowned for its marvellous design and famous stone chariot and mysterious musical pillars. The way to explore the temple is through Tungbhadra riverside trek Path. The serene walk takes you through many carved artefacts, boulders, shrines and ruins of ancient structures.

Witness the sunset at Hemkuta Hill

One of the most beautiful sites in Hampi, the sunset vistas from Hemkuta Hill will leave you spell-bound. Take in the beautiful view of small temples scattered over the hill – Mustard Ganesh and Kadalekalu Ganesha.

Soak in the elegance of Krishna Temple

Visit the beautiful Krishna Temple and admire the exquisitely carved, especially, mythical lions. The colossal structure reflects the prosperity and rich cultural past of the Vijayanagara Empire.

Explore the Hampi Market

The bustling and vibrant village market, near Virupaksha temple, is filled with beautiful jewellery, bags, clothes and alluring rooftop cafes! It is said that during ancient time gems, pearls, gold and precious metals were sold in these streets. It will be an experience to take a stroll through the market.

Attend Hampi Utsav

If you’re a history enthusiast then head to the Hampi Utsav, held annually between November 3rd and 5th. Travel back in time as the town comes alive with celebrations, classical music, and dance performances.

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