A perfect blend of adventure, culture & heritage, scenic beauty, wildlife and tribal culture, North East is a paradise for travellers around the world. Every corner of the North East feels like magic, be it a trip to the cleanest villages in Asia, a trek on the oldest root bridges, a journey through the most alluring hill stations, encounter the one-horned rhinoceros, exploring the peaceful monasteries or a boat ride in one of the river islands, every side of the region will mesmerise you.

Northeast India can take you on a unique journey like never before.

Bordered by Bhutan, China, Bangladesh, and Myanmar, Northeast includes 8 beautiful states –Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Manipur, Meghalaya, Mizoram, Nagaland, Sikkim, and Tripura. Let’s explore some of the best places to visit in the North East.

  1. Kaziranga National Park, Assam – The vast expanse of tea gardens and unending paddy fields of Assam will leave you in awe. Other than its lush beauty, Assam is home to the famous one-horned rhinoceros that can be found in the Kaziranga National Park. Declared a UNESCO Heritage Site, the national park is one of the must-visit places in Northeast India. While you are exploring the elusive one-horned rhinos, don’t forget to spot the various other species around for a unique wildlife experience!
  2. Majuli Island, Assam – Discover the rural and rustic charm of Assam at the largest river island in Asia, Majuli Island. Settled on the Brahmaputra River, Majuli takes you through a different side of Assam. A cultural hub of the region, it is an experience to explore the monasteries and tribal culture of the place. Don’t miss the boat ride on the world’s largest freshwater island.
  3. Mawlynnong Village, Meghalaya – Asia’s cleanest village, Mawlynnong Village is a great example of sustainable and eco-friendly living. It’s fascinating to see that even the dustbins are made of Bamboo just like the sky tower, which is around 85 ft. Spotless clean outlined with thatched Khasi huts, this village is a must-visit place in Northeast.
  4. Living Root Bridge, Meghalaya – The living root bridge is a speciality of Khasi tribe to fasten the roots of Banyan trees to create bridges over rivers and streams. It is the perfect example of their skills of braiding the roots. This place should be on your bucket list of North East India if you haven’t added it already!
  5. Tawang Monastery, Arunachal Pradesh – Famous for being the birthplace of the 6th Dalai Lama, Tsangyang Gyatso, Tawang Monastery is one of the most scenic monasteries in Northeast India. Located at a height of 10,000 feet in Arunachal Pradesh, Tawang Monastery is home to 450 monks and is the perfect place to visit for a surreal experience in Tawang.
  6. Loktak Lake, Manipur – Well-known for its small floating islands, Loktak Lake is one of the largest freshwater lakes in North East India. It is also home to world’s only floating National Park called Keibul Lamjao National Park, which is nature’s paradise, a great place for birdwatchers, and spotting the endangered Manipuri brow-antlered deer.
  7. Ziro Valley, Arunachal Pradesh – Surrounded by lush mountains, Ziro Valley is home to the Apatani tribe and is one of the must-visit places to visit if you want to explore the natural beauty of Arunachal Pradesh. The verdant trekking routes and amazing tribal culture makes it one of the most adventurous spots in the region. Apart from the surreal beauty, the Ziro valley offers an insight into the local culture and tribal lifestyle, which is one of the most intriguing experiences in Northeast India. It is also the venue for one of India’s most popular annual music festival, Ziro Festival of Music.
  8. Dibrugarh, Assam – Known for its lush tea estates, Dibrugarh is the largest city in Assam and the gateway to other tea-producing districts of Assam. The emerald fields, gushing rivers, and unique culture make the city one of the most interesting places to visit in Northeast India. From trekking and picnicking on the banks of the Disang River to visiting temples and botanical gardens, Dibrugarh will leave you in awe.
  9. Dwaki, Meghalaya – A little town in the Jaintia Hills, Dawki is well-known for its crystal river Umngot is a must visit spot in Meghalaya. Experience a boat ride in Umngot River and enjoy nature’s splendour of Meghalaya’s quaint little town.
  10. Dzukou Valley, Nagaland – Dzukou Valley is also known as valley of flowers of North East India and is one of the most beautiful valleys in India. Dzukou Valley is renowned for its natural beauty, seasonal flowers and the overall flora and fauna. Located at the border of Manipur and Nagaland, it is one of the must visit places in Nagaland.