Tata-owned Air India has issued an advisory for international air travelers arriving in India. The advisory says that international passengers must now check in their luggage again in case they are going to board another flight for a domestic destination after arrival at any airport in the country. The advisory further added that this procedure will have to be completed even if the passenger has gone through checks at the origin airport.

According to the statement made by Air India, everything was done by legal standards, from check-in to arrival at the destination. Aboard announcements will be made to inform passengers of the policy change, according to Air India.

The Tata-owned airline also posted the information through its official Twitter handle, saying, “Important information for passengers arriving in India from foreign destinations.” The post further stated, “Passengers arriving from international destinations and connecting to a domestic destination are requested to recheck in their bags at the first port of entry. This is as per the regulatory requirement regardless of through check-in done till the final destination.”

They further explained the advisory by saying, “Example: Passengers coming from USA connecting to Jaipur via Delhi are required to recheck-in their bags at Delhi after clearing Immigration and customs.”