Air India welcomed its 19th Boeing 787 Dreamliner on the Indian soil on 24th February. This special delivery from Boeing’s production line in Charleston, South Carolina promises more comfortable time in the skies for travellers.The twin aisle jet is a B 787-8 model that comes equipped with 256 seats in two classes, namely business class, which has 18 seats and economy with the larger piece of the pie with the balance. Air India  now boasts of a sizeable fleet of 39 twin aisle aircrafts and has ordered 27 more to spruce up the ensemble. Air India also operates 62 other models. Redefining the passenger experience, creating environmental harmony and ability to achieve a more optimal operating cost, the Dreamliner  the most advanced aircraft in the sky. More so, fuel consumption and lower cost of maintenance make it an essential asset for air transportation companies. For Air India, this purchase marks an impactful decision to create superior customer experience and help the company keep an eye on the costs.  Some of the features of the Dreamliner include a spacious entryway, soothing cabin atmosphere with dynamic LED cabin lighting scheme, large windows for better view, state-of-the-art In-Flight Entertainment system, better performance in higher altitudes and larger overhead bins for the comfort of fliers.