With the easing of restrictions at home and abroad, Bangladesh’s tourism sector looks forward to a quick recovery from the huge losses it has suffered due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Both the government and private operators are banking on Cox’s Bazar that boasts of the world’s longest unbroken sandy beach along the Bay of Bengal. For attracting both globetrotters and local holidaymakers Bangladesh government has taken up a master plan centring the most frequented tourist spot in the country, Cox’s Bazar. The multiphase plan aims to redesign the region into an exclusive and international tour magnet. After the setback caused by the pandemic, this plan appeared as an effort to regain the momentum of Bangladesh tourism which will become visible within two years. Chairman of Cox’s Bazar Development Authority Lieutenant Colonel (retd) Forkan Ahmed added that, “The whole plan will also be implemented considering the conservation of biodiversity of the region”.