The domestic airlines recently announced resuming Mountain View flights after eight months of closure, as economic activities have started to pick-up again and return to normal, including all tourism-related activities in Nepal.

The two big private sector companies and mountain flight operators in Nepal, Buddha Air, and Yeti Airlines, have already set a schedule for mountain flights and have started mountain flights from Saturday onwards. On Saturday, Buddha Air conducted its first mountain flight after COVID-19 as a test flight and the company has stated that there will be regular mountain flights every Saturday from now onwards starting from 5th December.

The mountain view flight is one of the major income-generating activities for domestic airlines as it offers passengers views of the Himalayas, including the highest mountains on the earth, flying from Kathmandu. The flights were closed since the government announced the nationwide lockdown on March 24, halting all flights, except for emergency purposes.

During the peak tourism season, airlines used to make at least 10 mountain view flights a day.