Nearly after 59 years, the Government of Uttarakhand has now opened the Gartang Gali trek for tourists. With the restoration and repair work now completed, tourists can now visit Gartang Gali – a must-see for every adventure lover.

The wooden bridge here has been built in the traditional style by cutting through a single rock. The bridge offers a view of Nelang Valley and the flora and fauna that surrounds the area, which is home to animals such as the snow leopard and blue sheep. Keeping corona guidelines in mind, for now the district administration is allowing only 10 tourists at a time to visit the bridge.

Gartang Gali is a 500-meter long timber-lined stairway in the Nelang, built by the Peshawari Pathans. It was earlier used as a route between India and Tibet by Tibetan merchants to reach Uttarkashi via Sumla, Mandi to trade items like salt, jaggery, spices, gold and pashmina wool. However, after the 1962 Indo-China war, Nelang valley was closed for the general tourists and visitors, as the place came under the inner line area of Uttarkashi.