1. Because of the sacrifice by countrymen, India has staved off the extensive damage which would have been caused by coronavirus.
  2. The way people have respected the lockdown restrictions is inspiring.
  3. We did not wait for the problem to increase and acted in advance to stop the crisis from getting worse. We started screening at airports even before there was a single case in the country. India had mandatory 14-day isolation even before the case count touched 100.
  4. The country has 220 testing labs now, over 1 lakh beds arranged and over 600 dedicated hospitals for Covid-19.
  5. The path we chose is the correct path. Social distancing and lockdown have benefited the country immensely.
  6. For next one week, till April 20 every town, district, state will be examined carefully and assess how the area has fared on tackling the coronavirus. Those areas, which have shown improvement and show promise, certain relaxations can be given.
  7. Government rolled out PM Garib Kalyan Yojana to take care of those who are most affected due to lockdown. States and Centre are working to minimise the difficulties faced by farmers as this is harvesting period for Rabi crops.
  8. There is enough stock of essential items in the country.