The Indian Railways is set to deploy three new toy trains on the Kalka-Shimla route for the first time since the service became operational 118 years ago, railways officials familiar with the development said, adding the trains will start running by the end of the year.

The new toy trains will operate on the 96.6-km narrow-gauge tracks, built by the British in 1903. The new coaches will have 180 degrees rotatable chair seats, equipped with CCTVs, passenger announcement system, passenger information system, onboard WiFi for infotainment and sink-in LED destination board. The coaches will have wider panoramic view, windows with visible light transmission of glazing (VLT) controllable curved glass in the roof, body side bi-foldable doors, sound and vibration damp floating floor, aesthetically textured interior fiberglass reinforced panels and LED-based linear lightings, under slung mounted electrical smart switch board cabinet for AC and general seating (GS) coaches.

Apart from Kalka-Shimla, India operates toy trains as Darjeeling Himalayan railway (West Bengal), Nilgiri Mountain railway (Tamil Nadu), Matheran Hill railway and Kangra Valley railway (Himachal Pradesh).