Ambassadors and High Commissioners of Korea, Argentina, Vietnam, Brunei, Finland, Malaysia, Thailand and Laos along with their families attended the 48th Khajuraho Dance Festival at Khajuraho on a special invitation from the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department.

Argentina’s Ambassador Hugo Javier Gobbi said that the experience of Khajuraho Dance Festival was wonderful. Appreciating the art and beauty of dance in Indian culture, Thailand’s Ambassador Pattarat Hongtong says that the Khajuraho Dance Festival is a suitable platform for talents from across the country and abroad. The hospitality services of the Madhya Pradesh Tourism Department and the friendly behaviour of the local people made him feel a sense of belonging, which made his visit even more special. Brunei High Commissioner Dato Alaihuddin Mohamad Taha described the Khajuraho dance festival and the visit to Orchha very interesting. He said that he would like to come here again and stay for a few days to learn about the surrounding areas and the local culture.