The Meghalaya government is working on a program to develop a tourism circuit in the South West Khasi Hills district, to help tap the potential of the state as a major tourism destination.

Talking about the government’s plan for tourism development in the state, Chief Minister Conrad Sangma said that they have been working to study the potential of different areas to help create assets and amenities to facilitate tourism.

The chief minister also tweeted, “From its lovely green hills to its monoliths, from the beautiful weather to its hot springs, the South West Khasi Hills district of Meghalaya has so much to offer. Our plan to develop the tourism circuit will add value to the immense potential of the district.”

While visiting the Jakrem Hot Spring, which is believed to have curative medicinal properties, Sangma mentioned that the hot spring, which is a popular tourism attraction, is also part of the state’s tourism development master plan for South-West Khasi Hill district.