In a study conducted by travel experts at luggage storage firm Bounce, India’s national capital New Delhi has been named as the third best capital city for tourists to visit on a holiday. The research analysed 69 developed capital cities around the globe, based on factors such as the average cost of a hotel; transport, number of attractions; restaurants, and average temperatures; rainfall, to reveal the best capital cities travellers can visit for their next city break.

On the list, the capital city of Malta, Valletta gained the top spot with a total score of 6.74 out of 10, while Abu Dhabi, the capital of United Arab Emirates was adjourned the second position with 6.24 points.

New Delhi acquired 6.06 points with the average nightly cost of a hotel in the city is USD 101.87, which is around USD 35 less than the average of all the cities studied. New Delhi has 12,409 restaurants, according to the data.

To determine which of the world’s capital cities is the best to visit for a holiday, numerous different factors were taken into consideration to create a ranking for 69 of the most developed capitals in the world. On top of man-made features and amenities, the weather and climate of these cities have been taken into consideration when identifying the best capital cities.

Cody Candee, CEO and Founder of Bounce comments, “India’s capital New Delhi ranks as the third best capital city for tourists in our study. Rich in history and culture, architecturally beautiful and an amazing place to shop, it is not surprising that New Delhi ranked in the top three capital cities to visit on vacation. Despite being comparatively more expensive than other Indian cities, New Delhi is a great capital for travelers on a budget to visit and is also a food-lovers dream destination, home to 290.61 restaurants per square kilometer, which is the second-highest of any capital. Famous for a multitude of traditional Indian dishes, such as paranthas, chaat, biryani and samosa, visitors to the city are spoilt for choice.”The city with the most attractions and restaurants.