Shillong gets a new tourist spot that has been garnering a lot of attention from the people. It is the Mattilang amusement park located in Upper Shillong, which is surrounded by lush greenery and picturesque landscape.

One of the primary attractions of this spot is the magnificent views of Elephant Falls, one of the major tourist places in Shillong. The falls, located at the outskirts of the main city, attract tons of visitors from all around the world because the unique two-tier waterfall makes for a great view and photographs. Also, these curved falls have an alluring beauty and the surrounding green vegetation makes it a perfect picnic spot.
Locals routinely work together to keep the greenery and premise of the park well-maintained.
The Mattilang Amusement Park has been developed on the other side of the Elephant Falls, and has been developed by a religious self-help group of the area. Then, there is a hut in the midst of the park, adorned by rippling waterfalls, which further enhances the beauty of the spot.

Reportedly, this is one of the latest additions to Meghalaya’s tourism industry, which aims to help promote the economy of the state.

Apart from the park, the other things to do in Shillong to help you explore the beauty of the place are boating at Umiam Lake, golfing at the Shillong Golf Course, waterfall rappelling at Elephant Falls, some leisurely hours at the Wards Lake, and more.