The sound of ‘Experience Bengal’ will resonate in the state, as West Bengal launches its brand new identity. The tourism wing of West Bengal Tourism revealed its re-branding, which talks of the state as ‘the sweetest part of India’. It now brings other destinations in its folds, moving away from the usual suspects like Kolkata and Darjeeling. The new avtaar of West Bengal was thought of and created by top ad agency, Ogilvy & Mather. The new logo embodies the fresh thinking of the state where tourism is concerned. The logo will be seen in all new collaterals from now. Director of Tourism, West Bengal, Umapada Chatterjee, said, “We are now trying to catch up with the leading tourism states in the country. We have everything the tourists want to experience, but we could not market them well.” Hopefully, a new brand identity and image will drive travel enthusiasts to  explore the state.