Fully vaccinated travellers to Sri Lanka do not need to take a PCR or Rapid Antigen test, to determine the Covid status before travelling to Sri Lanka from March, said the country’s Health Ministry recently.

According to the guidelines issued by the ministry recently, a traveller who has received both doses of a two-dose vaccine, or a recommended combination of them, is considered a fully vaccinated person. Moreover, a person who has taken an approved one dose vaccine, is also considered as fully vaccinated.

Children of 18 years and below, who have obtained at least a single dose of a recognised vaccine, will be considered as fully vaccinated if they leave for Sri Lanka two weeks after completion of vaccination, the Health Ministry said.

A person who was infected with Covid between seven days and six months before arriving in Sri Lanka, with at least a single dose of a two-dose vaccine, will also be exempted from taking a Covid test before departure.

However, travellers with a history of Covid infection more than six months before the date of departure with a single dose of a two-dose vaccine and other travellers who are not fully vaccinated, need to carry a negative pre-departure Covid test report when entering the country, the Health Ministry said.