SriLankan Airlines has decided to temporarily suspend all its flights from 8th to 21st  April 2020 in view of the travel restrictions imposed by the destinations where it operates to. The Airline is constantly reviewing the market conditions and the restrictions imposed by the various authorities and will be ready recommence its operations at short notice even before the 21st April 2020 in the event such restrictions are lifted. The carrier is willing to operate special flights during this period to repatriate the Sri Lankan’s who are wanting to return to the Country if required. Further, the Airlines’ cargo services will continue to operate from its worldwide network special flights as and when required. Despite various challenges faced by the Airline throughout its four-decade tenure, this is by far the most difficult and unfortunate period that the Airline is passing, similar to all its counterparts across the globe and communities in general, SriLankan said. It has also implemented a re-booking and reissue policy for its customers.