The electronic dance music festival Sunburn, scheduled for December 28-30, has now been extended by a day with the specific aim to showcase Goan culture and artistes. However, it hasn’t yet been decided if the ‘Goa day’ will be before or after the three days of EDM.

“Over the past 15 years, Sunburn has always integrated the spirit of Goa into the flagship festival,” said Harindra Singh, chairman and managing director of Percept, which runs the festival.

“Across all areas of content, communication and the on-ground event, Sunburn has integrated and presented the unique essence and elements of the state spanning decor, design, food, beverage, and more. Even the festival name incorporates the name of the state to say ‘Sunburn Goa’ across all mediums of communication since its inception in 2007,” said Singh.