Uttarakhand just got a new astronomical observatory, which will help you enjoy a surreal stargazing experience amid the towering mountains of Bhimtal. The newly launched observatory is an ideal place for all astronomy enthusiasts, who have been keen to know more about the open sky and all the magic it holds within.

As per the latest news reports, Starscapes, launched a new observatory in Bhimtal, Uttarakhand. Those keen to visit this place should be aware that the Stargate Observatory Bhimtal is also offering educational programs and astronomy shows to keep visitors busy for hours during the day as well as at night. You can pick the program of your choice. While there is this 45-minute celestial show that will feature everything about mythology and stars, there is this astrophotography workshop too that will help you learn tricks and shortcuts to capture the universe on your own camera.

While here, you can even get a chance to witness the solar flares during the day, enjoy the audio-visual night shows, and if you still have time to spare, you can learn how to identify constellations and stars that are hovering over our heads.