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Heavenly Spa


Situated on the outskirts of the national capital of Delhi, Heavenly Spa lives up to its name by offering treatments, therapies and a relaxing ambience that is nothing short of paradise.  Focussed on spa treatments, the property has allocated 18,000 sq ft. to only spa alcoves. A soothing vibe envelops you as soon as you enter the spa area.  The spa is designed to offer a serene environment for a sensory experience, which includes a salon, a meditation pyramid and a special spa menu. You can also buy gift certificates from the spa.

Why Go

This is where you lose yourself to soothing treatment alcoves, just minutes from the urban sprawl of India’s capital city, in perfect accord with your mind and soul. Revitalizing treatments including sensuous aromatherapy, pressure points and tension release work through reflexology and Ayurvedic experiences as well. The special features of the spa include, seven treatment rooms, well-marked wet therapy passages, meditation pyramid, yoga sanctuary, beauty salon, different passages for men and women and assisted treatments and therapies.


The first step to wellness is identifying any problems. This is tackled right at the onset when an expert meets you over a detailed discussion and only then allocates a spa regimen for you. The essence of the retreat lies in pampering yourself to feel 100% and customized Ayurveda treatments, Yoga and meditation under supervision along with suitable cuisine. Here you can an unrivalled choice between new and traditional spa treatments. Despite being in the city, Heavenly Spa ensures that one is rejuvenated in totality.