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Heritance Ayurveda Maha Gedara


Heritance is a conscious celebration of simplicity, purity and respecting natural heritage. This comes in the form of stone cottages, tinged only slightly with colour. Drawing directly from the elements of the earth, it is here that you share a secret with your surroundings. Such is the silence that even whispers are ample to drown out any sound. The spacious villas are infused with green spaces within, so you never lose touch with nature. Affording absolute privacy, it is just you and your natural surroundings that get ample time to be one. Despite the attempt for a seamless relationship with nature, the resort offers all modern amenities for your comfort.

Why Go

In such an environment, peace comes naturally. Throw caution and worry to the winds and pamper your senses at Heritance. It is the essential slowing down that paces you with the rhythm of nature once you are at Heritance. And the spa helps you accentuate this experience. To recalibrate, experience time tested treatments of Ayurveda, which is built on the basic premise that the external universe is imbedded in the human body. It is one of the most revered and trusted branches of medicine and healing, through a tradition handed down from sages 5000 years ago.


Let a consultant understand your bio energies, to work a combination of treatments - both external and internal. Using an effective blend of traditional oils and age-old methods of massages, the mind is guided into a rested state, which further induces a sense of peace. This divine state of well-being is enhanced when the trusted hands of the therapists amaze you with deep rhythmic movements. Add to this a cleansing diet to help you achieve the best from your therapies. Whether it is relief from medical problems or a basic rejuvenation process, the spa at Heritance is geared to handle anything.