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Situated in the lap of the stunning Himalayas, the resort is adapted to its magnificent location and embraces the time honoured healing practices of International and Indian spa treatments, infusing their basic philosophy during your entire stay. The hotel lies in the thick of the busy capital city of Kathmandu, and is still able to make you escape to anther world of peace and relaxation. One of the highlights here is the in-house spa. A unique selection of spa and massage experiences blends classic and contemporary techniques to soothe the body, revitalize the skin and uplift the spirit.

Why Go

A sense of relaxation, well-being and rejuvenation awaits amidst the Himalayan range of mountains. Here, the tranquility of the mountains is resonated by the Radisson spa. Surrender to the magical powers healing and rejuvenation programmes that draw inspiration from the vitality of this simple natural element– our very source of life on earth. The products used in the spa are top of the line. Imagine a hard day’s sightseeing and then coming back to the relaxing spa, that helps you connect the mind, body and soul. The spa has a long list of essential body treatments, massages and body scrubs that are geared to make you feel refreshed.


Get in tune with nature and yourself with complete body therapies and beauty care services. This is the start of the journey to healthy living. Body care and beauty therapies are well thought-out, researched and presented. The treatments are offered under the supervision of experts and only after a discussion with the therapist. The wide variety of therapies allows guests to choose from a vast repository of rejuvenating packages or serious treatments for which you need at least two weeks. This is one of the largest spas in Nepal, where you can begin your journey towards healthy living.